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Welcome to Muddies

January 2000 Jan and David Foster were awoken early one Sunday by their excited young children “it’s snowing!” “We want to play out!” they chirped. Ten minutes digging around in the garden shed to find their ‘wellies’, two pairs of socks, feet crushed into boots and the little ones were out building a snowman. Ten minutes later they where back inside with frozen hands and toes! There has to be a better pair of boots for kids thought David, something to keep feet warm and dry! The threat of further cold weather spurred David to use his contacts in the shoe industry to make a pair of comfortable, warm boots.

On a business trip later in the year, David saw some surfing boots being made, ‘That’s it!’ he thought and immediately drew up the first design for Muddies, a 4mm CR-Foam booties for insulation, reinforced with rubber overlays to protect and support the foot.

The following winter the Foster kids were wrapped up warm and sported their new toasty warm Muddies boots! Parents and kids quizzed them about their boots and very soon Jan had a handful of orders and an Idea that there was a market for these quirky looking boots.

The range has expanded to offer boots for boys and girls from crib to teens and is tested to deliver the same 100% waterproof, insulated quality and comfort that inspired the first boot.

Sold throughout Europe and North America in garden centres, pet stores, farm and tack shops, as far a field as Alaska and New Zealand. Muddies has quickly established a strong and loyal customer base around the globe.